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DATE: 15 May 2016

DATE: 19 May 2016
VENUE: Private Event, DENVER contact us for further information

DATE: 21 May 2016
VENUE:Schmitt Music, DENVER

Project: "Rhapsody in Blue"!:

In the quest to provide opportunities for classical music to be put into the context of “real” life today, in a time, place, and media form that can be understood and accessed by everyone and that encourages the creative powers of the imagination to soar, the Katie Mahan Foundation is teaming up with the International Music Syndicate (IMS) and Pikes Peak Aerial to produce an innovative music video which will bring George Gershwin’s "Rhapsody in Blue" to life through the vivid images and storyline that the music conjures in the mind of the performer during a performance. The video project, a creative concept designed to introduce classical music to new audiences of all ages, will be shot and produced in August 2016, launched in a downloadable digital format, and geared towards audiences of all ages.

In May 2016 Katie Mahan will present a series fundraising concerts to kick-off the fundraising period for KMF's innovative "Rhapsody in Blue" video project. The video project will be introduced at Katie's fundraising concerts, and fundraising will continue via online donations until the production cost goal is reached. The fundraising concerts will feature a discussion about the video and the role of multimedia to the future of classical music, and will be followed by a recital by Katie.


All proceeds raised from the fundraisers and on-line donations will support the production costs of the video, and fundraising will continue through July 2016. Donations are tax-deductable.

About the Project:

Every piece of music is more than a series of notes and rests, and the unique combination of melody, harmony and rhythm in each piece of music stimulates the brain, the emotions, and the body simultaneously in a special way. Like life, each piece of music also has its own history and circumstance – a time and place, an atmosphere, and a story – which reflects the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and imagination of its composer. As a video of one of the most universally beloved pieces of American classical music in the 20th century, "Rhapsody in Blue" will take the viewer on an approximately 17 minute musical journey through Gershwin’s masterpiece, as seen through the mind’s eye of a musician during a performance.

Rhapsody in Blue will bring to life the images and feelings that the music conjures in the mind of the performer in an action-filled and entertaining way. Enacting the excitement of a day in Gershwin’s beloved New York City, it will illustrate the unique ability that the music has to stimulate the brain, by detailing the vivid images, thoughts, and feelings that the music inspires in the imagination. By showing the infinite connection between sound and visual imagination, Rhapsody in Blue will demonstrate that music is not only a mirror of life and history but also an incomparable tool for developing the creative workings of the mind.

The video will be shot both on location and using the latest green-screening techniques, juxtaposing historical footage and photographs from Gershwin’s time with modern day images and activity in a day in New York City. It will show the influences of the composer’s time and place on the music - the hustle and bustle of New York City, the glitz and glamour, the feels and smells - and by re-enacting the historical background of the piece, will allow the viewer to become part of the composer’s world and to understand the feelings, emotions, and creative power that inspired Gershwin to become one of the greatest voices of America in the 20th century. Depending upon availability, the piano footage is projected to be shot using the famous blue “Rhapsody” Steinway that was created in 1998 by Steinway & Sons to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of George Gershwin.

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise Donate on Crowdrise and earn the following rewards with your contribution:

For questions on becoming involved please contact us directly.

Previous Event

DATE: Friday, September 12, 2014
VENUE: Holiday Event Center Denver, Colorado
TIME: VIP Reception & Lecture 6:00pm-7:30pm/Concert by Katie Mahan & Friends 8:00pm-9:30pm

About the Event!

On September 12, 2014 the Katie Mahan Foundation teamed up with Boulder-based audio company Ayre Acoustics to present a benefit concert to support Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) research. The evening of classical music, which included such works as Debussy’s Préludes, Rachmaninov’s Sonata for Cello and Piano Op. 19, Mozart’s Concerto No. 12, and Gershwin’s beloved Rhapsody in Blue, raised an amazing $45,830 with all proceeds going to support the pioneering Protein Replacement Therapy (PRT) research of Dr. Stephen Davies, a world leader in the repair of SCI. Dr. Davies’ PRT research focuses on using the naturally occurring protein Decorin to prevent and break down scar tissue at injury sites, and the funds raised from Katie’s benefit concert will help move this research to human trials.

About the Cause:

Dr. Stephen Davies, a UK-born spinal researcher has been rapidly establishing an international reputation as one of the world's top spinal researchers. He received the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) Erica Nader award for breakthrough research in the field of spinal cord injury, and is currently leading groundbreaking research towards a revolutionary cure.

When meeting with the Boulder-based audio company and spinal research supporter, Ayre Acoustics, in 2013, Dr. Davies met Katie Mahan. During the course of this meeting, Charles Hansen, the founder and president of Ayre Acoustics, proposed the idea of Katie giving a fundraising concert via the Katie Mahan Foundation "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" to benefit Dr. Davies' spinal research. The idea of a collaboration between three unique individuals, each with unique talents, and each interrelated – Dr. Davies, a world-leading SCI researcher, Charlie Hansen, a SCI victim and music lover, and Katie Mahan, a musician who is passionate about using music to make a positive difference and who has partnered with Ayre Acoustics on the production of ultra-high-resolution recordings – was exciting.

Idea became reality on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at the Holiday Event Center in Denver, Colorado. KMF "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" brought together these three individuals for an unforgettable evening of classical music to benefit medical research that has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of spinal injuries that affect 1 million people in the US alone, and also has applications for treating a wide variety of neurological disorders including stroke, MS, Alzheimer's and ALS.

Proceeds raised from this benefit evening were donated to Dr. Davies' Spinal Cord injury labs research program.

About the Participants:

Dr. Stephen J. Davies – Born and educated in the UK, Stephen and his researcher wife, Jeannette, have called Colorado home for the past several years. Dr. Davies' lab at CU-Denver has done groundbreaking work in the repair of chronic spinal cord injury, one of the most daunting areas in science. His work centers on suppression or removal of scar tissue to promote axon growth across injury sites and development of neural precursor (stem cell-like) technologies to promote repair of the injured spinal cord and brain. As of March 2014, Dr. Davies has moved his lab to Australia to continue his research at a faster pace. Dr. Davies is excited to return to Colorado to attend the benefit evening and discuss his research during a VIP reception before the concert.

Katie Mahan – Praised as "one of the most outstanding talents coming up today," internationally renowned Colorado-born pianist Katie Mahan was joined onstage for musical performances by celebrated cellist Jürgen De Lemos and the Musica Sacra Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Maestro David Rutherford. Katie & Friends graciously donated all proceeds from the concert to benefit spinal cord research. For additional information on Katie, please visit Katie's official website: