• Katie and Vandy Van Wagener were featured on 9NEWS "Colorado & Company" at 10am on September 4, 2014. They discussed her music and the upcoming benefit concert for SCI.

  • KMF welcomes Coit as a sponsor

    KMF welcomes Coit, a family-owned business began with 60 years of experience in the carpet cleaning & restauration business, as a sponsor of "Music for a Bright Tomorrow!" Committed to making the world a cleaner, healthier, happier place, Coit is one of the largest specialty cleaning & restoration companies in the world, with franchises in the United States, Canada and Thailand. Please visit to learn more.

  • Katie on Channel 2's "Colorado's Best"

    Katie will be featured on Channel 2 (KWGN) "Colorado's Best" at 9am on September 3, 2014. She will discuss her music and upcoming benefit concert for SCI. Please visit for more information about the TV program.

  • Print materials sponsored by Colt Print Services, Inc.

    KMF welcomes Colt Print Services, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado as a sponsor of "Music for a Bright Tomorrow." They are generously donating the printing of all publicity materials for the benefit evening. Colt Print Services, Inc., a local, employee owned company, was established in 1974 and is Colorado's largest commercial quick printer. Please visit to learn more about the company.

  • Matching grant from the DWV Spinal Cord Fund

    KMF is deeply honored and humbled to annource that the DVW Spinal Cord Fund has pledged to give a matching grant in the value of the net proceeds from the September 12th event. This means that all donations and tickets sold for "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" will have double value, as the DVW Spinal Cord Fund will write a matching check dollar for dollar for each donation and ticket sold!

    The DVW Spinal Cord Fund, established in 2003, provides support to the spinal cord injured through the funding of cutting edge spinal cord research, focusing on accelerating early stage research primarily in the areas of regeneration and rehabilitation. Please click here to learn more about the DVW Spinal Cord Fund.

  • Katie on 9NEWS "Colorado & Company"

    Katie and Vandy Van Wagener were featured on 9NEWS "Colorado & Company" at 10am on September 4, 2014. They discussed her music and the upcoming benefit concert for SCI. Please click here to view the TV program.

  • KMF welcomes Alpine Bank as a sponsor

    KMF welcomes Alpine Bank, a locally owned and operated bank that has been a part of the Western Slope of Colorado for over 41 years, as a sponsor of "Music for a Bright Tomorrow!" Please visit to learn more.

  • VIP reception to be catered by The Cheese Course

    KMF is proud to announce that The Cheese Course of Boulder will be catering the VIP reception! The Cheese Course, a European-style cheese shop offering over 150 artisanal cheeses imported from dairy farms all over the world, will be generously donating a selection of beautifully prepared platters featuring top-quality cheeses imported from France, Holland and Italy along with tasty accompaniments for the VIP reception. Please visit for more information!

  • KMF welcomes Craig Hospital as a sponsor

    The Katie Mahan Foundation proudly welcomes Craig Hospital of Denver as a sponsoring partner of "Music for a Bright Tomorrow"! Please visit to read more about Craig Hospital, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital that exclusively specializes in the neuro-rehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Craig is a not-for-profit, free-standingm national center of excellence that has treated nearly 30,000 patients with SCI and TBI since 1956.

  • Ayre Acoustics, Dr. Davies & KMF

    Reproduced by permission from

    In the blink of an eye, Ayre's co-founder and Research Director, Charles Hansen's entire life was turned upside-down. In 2006 he was struck by an out-of-control motorcycle while riding his bicycle, leaving him with over 30 broken bones, two punctured lungs, and other extensive injuries. He has recovered from all of the injuries but one — a spinal cord injury (SCI) that left him completely paralyzed below the chest.

    At the present time there is no known therapy effective in treating these devastating injuries to the spinal cord. In fact pioneering neurosurgeon Ramón y Cajal, who won the Nobel prize in 1906 for his discoveries in that field, declared that "In adult centers the nerve paths are something fixed, ended, immutable. Everything may die, nothing may be regenerated." Until recently, Cajal's pronouncement had been considered gospel. But a technology with great promise holds out hope that perhaps diseases and injuries of the Central Nervous System (CNS) could be repaired.

    UK-born researcher, Stephen Davies, Ph.D. is working on that technology, called Protein Replacement Therapy (PRT). Using proteins that are naturally occurring in the human body, Dr. Davies has been able to "turn back the hands of time" and heal paralyzed rats. The next step is to translate these results into human trials, an expensive process involving additional lab studies. After that, the possibilities are practically endless. It is possible that some of the CNS injuries and diseases that were until now thought to be completely untreatable could be healed by protein injections.

    As of March 2014, Dr. Davies has moved his lab to Australia to continue his research at a faster pace. Dr. Davies' work can be accelerated dramatically by providing extra funding. The Katie Mahan Foundation is proud to present an exciting fundraising event to benefit Dr. Davies' research and to help Ayre Acoustics president and founder, Charlie Hansen, and the millions of people like him around the world suffering fro SCI to walk again!

  • Katie featured on PBS

    Katie was featured on Rocky Mountain PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) "Arts District" on March 20 and March 21, 2014. The segment is now available to view on YouTube! Please play the movie embedded above, and make sure to like it and leave a comment if you enjoyed watching the episode!

  • Dr. Davies talks about his groundbreaking research

    For a short video introduction to Dr. Davies, his lab, and his research, please play the video clip above. Please make sure to like it and leave a comment if you are interested in promoting his remarkable work!